Seo Kang-jun & Esom Turn into Lovely Campus Couple

Aug 27, 2018

Seo Kang-jun & Esom Turn into Lovely Campus Couple
Korean actor Seo Kang-jun and actress Esom return to small screen as lovely campus couple of 20.

On August 27, JTBC's upcoming drama 'The Third Charm' (literal title) unveiled its first still cuts of the two leads.

The newly-released photos highlight Seo Kang-jun's model student charm with round glasses and bushy haircut.Seo Kang-junSeo Kang-jun has perfectly turned into a nerdy college student 'On Jun-young' smiling awkwardly because of the braces.

On the other hand, Esom is also showing off refreshing and freewheeling of 20-year-old girl with bobbed-hair.EsomEsom is playing the role of 'Lee Young-jae', who is a dreamful girl who is working as an assistant of hairdresser to be a hair designer herself one day.Cast of 'The Third Charm''The Third Charm' tells the 12-year long love story of 'On Jun-young' and 'Lee Young-jae', who gradually falls in love due to each other's special charm that nobody else sees in them.

'The Third Charm' is scheduled to air its first episode in September.

(Seo Dakyoung, Credit= JTBC The Third Charm)

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