'Maze Runner' Ki Hong Lee to Join SBS 'Master in the House'

Aug 28, 2018

'Maze Runner' Ki Hong Lee to Join SBS 'Master in the House'
Hollywood actor Ki Hong Lee will be making his first Korean variety show appearance.

On August 27, it was reported that Ki Hong Lee recently joined SBS' variety show 'Master in the House' and finished filming.

'Master in the House' is a show where cast members spend time with people in various fields, learning about their lives and stories.
Ki Hong LeeAccording to reports, Ki Hong Lee will welcome the regular cast members of the show―Lee Seung Gi, Yook Sungjae, Yang Se-hyung and Lee Sang Yun―to his home in California.

A source from the production team noted, "Please watch the actual broadcast for details."
Ki Hong LeeMeanwhile, Ki Hong Lee has recently confirmed to join a Korean drama 'Prometheus' playing the role of a CIA agent named 'Frank Lee'.

The episode of 'Master in the House' with Ki Hong Lee is expected to air next month.

(Credit= 21st Century Fox Korea, SBS funE)

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