Hyun Bin & Jang Dong Gun's Upcoming Zombie Action Film Unveils Its First Trailer!

Aug 28, 2018

Hyun Bin & Jang Dong Gun's Upcoming Zombie Action Film Unveils Its First Trailer!
Korean actor Hyun Bin and actor Jang Dong Gun will have a fierce battling with nighttime zombies in upcoming action blockbuster film 'Rampant'.

On August 28, the production company of 'Rampant' unveiled the movie's first official trailer.Rampant Trailer'Rampant' is a historical fiction movie about the bloody fight of humans to save the Joseon dynasty from rampant night zombies.

In the movie, Hyun Bin took the role of the prince of Joseon 'Lee Cheong', who returned to Joseon to save the country, and Jang Dong Gun turned into a villain 'Kim Ja-joon', who tries to take over the country through a devastating catastrophe.Rampant TrailerThe trailer featuring two lead actors stimulates the viewer's curiosity by revealing thrilling battle scene of the movie.Rampant TrailerThe trailer starts with human who abruptly turn into zombies, and the following scenes show that the rampant disease is continuously making more humans into a beast-like creatures.Rampant TrailerHyun Bin's narration saying, "They are just beasts that suck up human's blood." make the viewers wonder about the next story line.Rampant TrailerIntense action scene of Hyun Bin elastically using sword, Jang Dong Gun's charismatic acting, and unusual combination of historical setting and zombie effectively raised the anticipation from the public.

Meanwhile, 'Rampant' is set to premiere in theaters across Asia and Europe in October.Rampant PosterCheck out the breathtaking trailer of 'Rampant' below!

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