Famous Choreographer Names the Best Dancers Among Idol Stars

Aug 29, 2018

Famous Choreographer Names the Best Dancers Among Idol Stars
Choreographer Bae Yoon Jung, the mastermind behind famous K-pop dance routines, named idol group members with outstanding dancing skills.

Recently, Bae Yoon Jung made a guest appearance at MBC FM4U's radio show 'The Date with Ji Suk Jin at 2PM'.
Bae Yoon Jung, Ji Suk JinDuring the show, DJ Ji Suk Jin asked Bae Yoon Jung to pick artists who are good at dancing.

Bae Yoon Jung said, "Actually all idol groups dance very well these days. BTS is beyond amazing. For girl groups, all of them can dance well."

Then she continued, "HyunA and CHUNGHA are blessed with their own charms, and I think T-ARA's Ji Yeon has beautiful lines of dancing. She learns very well."
Bae Yoon Jung, Ji Suk JinBae Yoon Jung highlighted, "Dancing and singing are different. It is true that you can learn fast if you are blessed with talents, but really, anyone can dance if they learn. There are plenty of idol group members who didn't dance will at first."

Meanwhile, Bae Yoon Jung currently stars in Mnet's popular survival audition program 'Produce 48' as a dance mentor/judge.

(Credit= MBC, SBS funE, 'hotchicksbyj' Instagram, Big Hit Entertainment, CUBE Entertainment)

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