VIDEO: MXM Calls You, "YA YA YA"!

Aug 30, 2018

VIDEO: MXM Calls You, "YA YA YA"!
K-pop boy group MXM brightened up 'Inkigayo' with its cheerful song 'YA YA YA'.

On August 26 episode of SBS 'Inkigayo', MXM transferred the group's joyful energy to the audience with its newest track 'YA YA YA'.MXM'YA YA YA' is the title track of the first full album by MXM 'MORE THAN EVER' that was released on August 14.MXMThe title track 'YA YA YA' starts off the song with frisky piano sounds that make you feel excited.

This song is wrapped around with catchy melodies and fresh vibes that emphasize MXM's dynamic energy.MXMAlthough it may sound simple, it adds addictive and groovy trap beats which make you want to keep listening to it.

Feel MXM's happy energy below!

(Lee Narin, Credit= SBS Inkigayo)

(SBS Star)