EXO KAI Burst Into Tears for His Small Mistake on the Stage

Aug 30, 2018

EXO KAI Burst Into Tears for His Small Mistake on the Stage
K-pop boy group EXO's member KAI could not hide sorrow for the small mistakes he made on the stage.

Recently, several videos of KAI at the concert 'EXO PLANET #4 - The EℓyXiOn [dot]' went viral online.

In the video, KAI is seen to continuously wipe away his tears with tissue.EXO KAI, D.O. , SUHO, CHANYEOLAccording to fans at the concert, KAI made a small mistake that nobody has noticed during his solo performance.

During the talk between the stages, KAI confessed that fact himself and burst into tears of regret.

SUHO, CHANYEOL and D.O. kept tapping on KAI's shoulder and tried to ease his mind by comforting words.EXO KAI, D.O. , SUHO, CHANYEOLEXO KAI, D.O. , SUHO, CHANYEOLHowever, KAI could not stop crying, and other members started to burst into laughter seeing KAI's cute mumbling to explain how hard he had tried to show perfect stage to fans.EXO KAI, D.O. , SUHO, CHANYEOLBoth fans at the concert and viewers of the video praised for KAI's passion and professionalism for perfect stage.

Meanwhile, EXO has successfully held its encore concert 'EXO PLANET #4 –The EℓyXiOn [dot]–' from July 13 to 15.

(Seo Dakyoung, Credit= Online Community, 'weareoneEXO' Twitter)

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