TVXQ! U-KNOW Yunho Says He Is Funnier than MAX Changmin

Aug 30, 2018

TVXQ! U-KNOW Yunho Says He Is Funnier than MAX Changmin
K-pop boy group TVXQ!'s U-KNOW Yunho revealed that he thinks he is funnier than his fellow member MAX Changmin.

On August 30 episode of SBS Power FM's 'Cultwo Show', U-KNOW Yunho appeared as the special host of the radio show.

At the beginning of the show, host Kim Tae Kyun introduced U-KNOW Yunho by saying, "I'm with a global K-pop star. It is a bit awkward that he is sitting next to me."

U-KNOW Yunho replied, "I will passionately lead the show today. People recently think I'm funny when I'm serious. I will do it seriously today."TVXQ! U-KNOW YunhoTo the question asking the funnier member between him and MAX Changmin, U-KNOW Yunho confidently answered, "I think I'm a bit funnier than Changmin."TVXQ! U-KNOW YunhoU-KNOW Yunho also gave update on his fellow member saying, "Changmin is taking some rest today because he finished his recording yesterday. We'll meet again tomorrow for another event."

On this day, U-KNOW Yunho also showed off his 'Moon walking' dance moves as the only Asian artist who had been invited to the memorial concert for Michael Jackson's first anniversary of his death.TVXQ! U-KNOW YunhoMeanwhile, TVXQ! has released a new Japanese single 'Road' on July 25.

(Seo Dakyong, Credit= SBS Power FM Cultwo Show, 'tvxq.official' Instagram)

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