HyunA Leaves Message to Fans Upon Abrupt Cancellation of Her Stage

Aug 31, 2018

HyunA Leaves Message to Fans Upon Abrupt Cancellation of Her Stage
K-pop artist HyunA's official promotional activities seemed to have been put on hold.

On August 30, a representative from the corporation Youth & Future announced that HyunA's appearance at its upcoming event 'Youth Day Festival' has been canceled.

The representative said, "On August 27, HyunA's management agency unilaterally notified us that she can't attend the event due to internal circumstances."HyunAAfter this cancellation news, fans are assuming that HyunA's temporary break from all official promotions is related to her admittance of her relationship with boy group PENTAGON's member E'DAWN opposing to their agency CUBE Entertainment's previous denial on the dating rumors.HyunA and E'DAWNEarlier on, CUBE Entertainment has announced that E'DAWN would be taking a hiatus from all promotional activities of PENTAGON.

Just like this time, the agency had not supplied any specific reasons explaining it as internal circumstances.HyunAShortly after her cancellation news, HyunA assured her worried fans by posting a message on her personal social media account.

She said, "I'm very sorry to deliver this news to those who have been waiting for me. I'll meet my A-ING (HyunA's official fan club) fans later on. Don't be sick and don't worry about me."

However, many fans are still expressing their worries and wondering how long HyunA's break will be.

(Seo Dakyoung, Credit= 'hyunah_aa' Instagram)

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