BTS Takes the '#IDOLCHALLENGE' Pretty Seriously

Aug 31, 2018

BTS Takes the '#IDOLCHALLENGE' Pretty Seriously
The '#IDOLCHALLENGE' trend is sweeping all across social media, and BTS posted guidelines for upcoming video featuring ARMYs.

On August 30, Big Hit Entertainment shared a notice regarding the '#IDOLCHALLENGE', expressing their gratitude to fans for their active participation.

The '#IDOLCHALLENGE' is an online challenge where you shall passionately dance to BTS' latest track 'IDOL'.

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The song's unique choreography inspired by traditional Korean dance has been getting a lot of attention lately.
Consequently, it seems like Big Hit Entertainment has decided to create a content that features some fans' participation―requesting for consent to use their clips.

The full notice is as follows.
BTS IDOLCHALLENGEAnd make sure to check on incredible '#IDOLCHALLENGE' videos below!
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