Song Hye Kyo Reveals Her Own Secret of Flawless Skin

Aug 31, 2018

Song Hye Kyo Reveals Her Own Secret of Flawless Skin
Korean actress Song Hye Kyo shared her tips on her astonishing beauty.

According to Chinese media Sina on August 30, Song Hye Kyo had an interview prior to the beauty event in Hong Kong held on August 29.

On this day, Song Hye Kyo showed off her graceful beauty in simple outfits of white blouse and black trousers.Song Hye KyoDuring the interview, she was asked about tips on her flawless skin.

Song Hye Kyo commented, "I try not to wear any makeup during my free time. I try to wear minimal makeup when I meet my friends privately."Song Hye KyoShe added, "As for daily lifestyle, I ate everything before I turned 30. I started to control my eating habits since I was 30."

Song Hye Kyo explained, "I have a low sodium diet and exercise together. I run every day and do yoga regularly. I often take a walk near my home when the weather is nice."Song Hye KyoMeanwhile, Song Hye Kyo is scheduled to begin shooting her upcoming drama 'Boyfriend' with actor Park Bo Gum.

(Seo Dakyoung, Credit= 'sulwhasoo.official''kyo1122' Instagram)

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