4 Sweet K-pop Stars Who Take Good Care of Stray Cats

Aug 31, 2018

4 Sweet K-pop Stars Who Take Good Care of Stray Cats
In our communities, it is not hard to find stray cats.

Most of them generally starve due to lack of food around.

There are some K-pop stars who take good care and give lots of love to these cats.

Now, take a look at these kind K-pop stars below!

1. Kang Daniel from Wanna One

Kang Daniel's love for cats is pretty well-known among his fans.

Recently, he was spotted giving some boneless chicken to a stray cat during the shooting of MBC's variety show 'It's Dangerous Beyond the Blankets'.

At the moment, he has three cats; two being stray cats in the past.Kang DanielKang Daniel2. Sandara Park from 2NE1 (former member)

Sandara Park raises many cats with her brother THUNDER, and she even runs a social media account just for her cats.

She adopted a stray cat shivering in the extreme cold weather this February, and known to have adopted one last year as well.Sandara Park3. JB from GOT7

Last year, JB surprised fans with deep cuts on his wrist at an autograph session with his fans.

It turned out stray cats had scratched his wrist while he was playing with them after giving them some food.
JB4. MK from ONF

MK is one person who always takes care of stray cats around his management agency.

In one of the episodes of ONF's reality show 'ON THE RUN', he was seen giving food to stray cats, and they followed around MK, knowing that he was no harm to them.

He also revealed that he raises two stray cats at home.MKMKMK(Lee Narin, Credit= Online Community, 'parksiblingscatstagram' Instagram, 'WannaOne.official' 'wm.onoff' Facebook, YG Entertainment, NAVER V LIVE ON THE RUN)

(SBS Star)