Song Joong Ki Enjoys His Fan Meeting with Lee Kwang Soo·Kim Min-seok·JUNHO

Sep 3, 2018

Song Joong Ki Enjoys His Fan Meeting with Lee Kwang Soo·Kim Min-seok·JUNHO
Korean actor Song Joong Ki had a blast at his fan meeting last weekend with special guests actors Lee Kwang Soo, Kim Min-seok, and K-pop boy group 2PM's member JUNHO.

On September 1, Song Joong Ki met his fans at his fan meeting 'The Day We Spent Together' (literal translation) that took place at Kyung Hee University's Grand Peace Palace.Song Joong KiWith over 3,000 fans, Song Joong Ki started off the event by receiving a 10-year debut anniversary trophy and bouquets prepared by his fans.

In the first half, the actor spent time looking back on his career and honestly discussing his thoughts with his fans.Song Joong KiSong Joong KiIn the latter half, Song Joong Ki brightened up the atmosphere by playfully responding to fan letters.

Then, Lee Kwang Soo appeared on stage out of nowhere, surprising fans.

Known to be good friends, they were seen non-stop teasing each other.Song Joong KiSong Joong KiLater, Kim Min-seok and JUNHO also joined Song Joong Ki on stage, and added more delight to the already-entertaining fan meeting.Song Joong KiAt the end of his fan meeting, Song Joong Ki read out a heartfelt message to fans that he had written before the event.

The actor said, "It's hard to believe that it's already been 10 years since I debuted. It feels awesome, but weird at the same time. I was able to meet good people along the way, and they helped me come this far."

He added, "I will continue to do my best to show you a better version of myself. It was a great honor to have had the opportunity to spend the last 10 years with you guys. I love you, and thank you."Song Joong KiMeanwhile, Song Joong Ki recently confirmed to play a leading role in a new historical drama 'Chronicles of Asdal' (working title). 

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