EXO SEHUN Flaunts His Sexy Charisma on a Motorcycle

Sep 3, 2018

EXO SEHUN Flaunts His Sexy Charisma on a Motorcycle
SEHUN from K-pop boy group EXO is stealing fans' hearts with his charismatic look on a motorcycle.

On September 3, new pictures of SEHUN on the set of his upcoming film 'Dokgo Rewind' were unveiled.

'Dokgo Rewind' is a prequel to a popular webtoon of the same name, about three guys who have lived completely different lives getting together to fight against violence in school.Dokgo RewindSEHUN will be playing the role of 'Kang Hyuk', a well-known fighter in the area who cannot stand seeing anyone being bullied.

Kang Hyuk attempts to get revenge on a group of school gang members for his twin brother who passed away from school violence.SEHUNIn the pictures, SEHUN is about to put on a helmet on a black motorcycle with his feet touching the ground due to his long legs.

His readiness suggests that SEHUN will be showing some thrilling action scenes in the movie.

He looks rather angry, but his glare makes him look so sexy that fans are having a hard time breathing.SEHUNMeanwhile, 'Dokgo Rewind' is scheduled to premiere on September 7.

(Lee Narin, Credit= Samhwa Networks, Toyou's Dream)

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