JYP Entertainment to Launch a Chinese-Only Boy Group

Sep 4, 2018

JYP Entertainment to Launch a Chinese-Only Boy Group
JYP Entertainment, one of the most prestigious agencies in Korea, is planning on launching another boy band.

On September 4, JYP Entertainment officially announced, "After garnering some attention with a yearlong pre-debut sessions, BOY STORY will finally make its big debut in September."
BOY STORYBOY STORY is a result of a collaboration between JYP China and TME(Chinese Tencent Music Entertainment Group).

The average age of the members is 13―with HanYu being 13, ZiHao (13), XinLong (13), ZeYu (13), MingRiu (12), and ShuYang (11).

In order to achieve the goal of localization, only Chinese members were able to make the cut.
BOY STORYJ.Y. Park, the head of JYP Entertainment, created an audition program called 'Guaishushu is coming' with the Chinese biggest online forum, Baidu Tieba to finalize the debut members.

Jackson from GOT7 and Fei from miss A also took part in the process as a judge.
BOY STORYBOY STORY released four singles since its pre-debut―starting from 'HOW OLD R U' released in September 2017, 'Can't Stop' in December, 'JUMP UP' in March, and 'Handz UP' in June.
BOY STORYThe spokesperson from the agency commented, "BOY STORY will make an official debut this September and throw a grand-scale debut showcase to be the next icon in China. The colors and the talents of the members are already proven thanks to the previous sessions and the various media contents we provided past year. After its official debut, BOY STORY will gain even more love and support across the nation."

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= JYP Entertainment)

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