Yoo Seung Ho to Star in a New SBS Drama

Sep 5, 2018

Yoo Seung Ho to Star in a New SBS Drama
Actor Yoo Seung Ho will return to our loving arms this December with a new SBS drama called 'Revenge Has Returned' (tentative title).

According to SBS on September 3, Yoo Seung Ho is confirmed to take one of the main characters in 'Revenge Has Returned', which will be aired after the last episode of upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama 'Where Stars Land'.
Yoo Seung HoIn the teen romantic comedy 'Revenge Has Returned', he will take the role of 'Kang Bok-soo'.

Even though the school accused him of being a bully and expelled him, Kang Bok-soo somehow managed to find a way to return to school as an adult.

The ulterior motive behind his decision was to get back to his first crush and to revenge the son of the headmaster.

However, the changed environment and the vibe of school make things difficult for him to achieve his goal.

Ultimately, he ends up being dragged to another case despite his initial intention.
Yoo Seung HoThroughout the episodes, the viewers will be able to explore the different sides of Kang Bok-soo since he will be changing his persona constantly from a bully to a genuinely nice guy, a grudge holder, and a buffoon.
Yoo Seung HoA staff from the production team commented, "Yoo Seung Ho's kind personality, likable appearance, and positive mind are just like Kang Bok-soo."

He continued, "There is always something special about a broken little hero. I'm pretty sure that he would be the perfect person to show what it means."
Yoo Seung Ho'Revenge Has Returned'―a collaboration between a rookie screenwriter Kim Yun-young and 'Wok of Love' producer Ham Jun-ho, will be broadcasted this December.

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