iKON B.I Reveals How Much Money He Makes from Songs He Produced

Sep 5, 2018

iKON B.I Reveals How Much Money He Makes from Songs He Produced
K-pop boy group iKON's leader B.I revealed the amount of royalties he receives every month from the songs he has produced until now.

On September 4 episode of tvN's variety show 'Problematic Men', three members of iKON―B.I, JAY, and DK made a guest appearance.B.IDuring the talk, B.I said he began properly composing and writing songs when he was around 16, and currently has 39 songs copyrighted under his name.

B.I also mentioned that he completed producing iKON's mega-hit song 'LOVE SCENARIO' in about two hours.

One of the hosts Jeon Hyun Moo said, "You must receive a lot of royalties."B.IB.I responded, "No, it's not that much.", but DK quickly added, "He receives royalties every month, and smiles like the happiest guy in the world when he gets a text message informing that the money had been
transferred to his bank account."B.IWith a shy smile, B.I commented, "It really isn't that much. Perhaps, I would be able to purchase two foreign cars with it. It varies each month, though. Sometimes, it's only enough to buy a compact car, or a bicycle."

Meanwhile, B.I's group iKON recently returned with a new track 'KILLING ME', which was also produced by B.I.

(Lee Narin, Credit= tvN Problematic Men, 'iKON' YouTube)

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