Park Bo Young & Kim Young-kwang's Romance Film Attracts 2M Audience!

Sep 5, 2018

Park Bo Young & Kim Young-kwang's Romance Film Attracts 2M Audience!
Korean actress Park Bo Young and actor Kim Young-kwang celebrated the news of their romance film 'On Your Wedding Day' surpassing 2 million movie-goers.

On September 5, Kim Young-kwang shared a photo taken with Park Bo Young, and other actors in 'On Your Wedding Day' on his social media account.

In the photo, they look like they are having a great time together, sitting around a long table in a trailer.On Your Wedding DayAlong with the picture, the actor wrote, "Wow, this is just amazing! 'On Your Wedding Day' has reached 2 million movie-goers! Thank you so much!"

Previously on August 28 when 'On Your Wedding Day' was confirmed to have attracted 1 million audience, Kim Young Kwang also celebrated the news via his social media account.On Your Wedding DayHe uploaded pictures of himself with Park Bo Young, other actors, and director Lee Seok-geun pretending to look like standing wreaths with messages to fans on the side.

The messages said, "Over a million movie-goers have watched 'On Your Wedding Day'. Thank you for your love and support! You guys are our first love."On Your Wedding Day'On Your Wedding Day' illustrates a story of 'Seung Hee' (Park Bo Young) and 'Woo Yeon' (Kim Young-kwang) from when Woo Yeon begins to develop feelings for Seung Hee in high school to when Woo Yeon unexpectedly meets Seung Hee again after graduating from college.

Since August 22 when it began screening, the movie has won over many audience's hearts with a realistic character portrayal as well as sweet love story that remind them of their first love.

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