Lee Jong Suk to Hold a Successful Meet and Greet!

Sep 5, 2018

Lee Jong Suk to Hold a Successful Meet and Greet!
Actor Lee Jong Suk expressed his gratitude to the fans through a fan meeting.

On September 1, Lee Jong Suk held '2018 LEE JONG SUK FANMEETING-PIT A PAT' at KBS Arena, Seoul for his 3,000 fans all over the world.

For this particular event, fans flew in from Japan, China, and other Southeast Asian countries since it has been a year since he held the last fan meeting event.
Lee Jong SukDuring the event, Lee Jong Suk mentioned the term 'small but certain happiness' (literal translation) while he was catching up with his fans.

He said, "These days, I have been thinking about the true meaning of happiness. Obviously, there is no definitive answer but if you could experience such emotions through me, it would be more than an honor to be the source of your joy."
Lee Jong SukHe continued, "I always try my best to reciprocate all the love and support you have given me, but you guys are even more of a romantic than I am. These past eight years has been sweet and bitter at the same time and I have no idea where the future would take me. But if there is one thing I can say it for sure is that wherever I go, I won't be lonely thanks to the people right here. Thank you for all the memories you have given me."
Lee Jong SukLater on, Lee Jong Suk showed a trailer and let the fans take a glimpse of his upcoming SBS special 'Hymn of Death' (literal title).

After watching the video, fans were more eager to watch the two-act drama because it is his first time to take a role in a period drama.

Also, singer Roy Kim who sang the OST of 'Pinocchio' and actor Shin Jae-ha made an appearance at the event to provide even more entertainment.
Lee Jong SukMeanwhile, Lee Jong Suk is planning on meeting his fans on September 9 in Taipei, Taiwan and on September 15 in Bangkok, Thailand.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= A-MAN Project, SBS funE)

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