SUNMI Says She Earns Money to Buy Everything for Her Brothers

Sep 5, 2018

SUNMI Says She Earns Money to Buy Everything for Her Brothers
K-pop artist SUNMI mentioned how important her two younger brothers are to her.

On September 4 episode of JTBC's variety show 'Idol Room', SUNMI guested on the show.

During the talk, SUNMI revealed that she gives her brothers pocket money every month and video-calls them frequently.

She said, "We are all very close, and I absolutely adore them. During one interview in the past, I was asked what I wanted to spend my money on. At that time, I answered that I wanted to buy everything that my brothers wanted and needed. That is still true."SUNMIWhen the hosts Jung Hyung Don and Defconn heard SUNMI's remark, they found the siblings' such great relationship hard-to-believe that they suggested getting the fact checked by listening to SUNMI and her brother talk on the phone.

Therefore, SUNMI video-called her youngest brother who is four years younger than her.

SUNMI's youngest brother answered and talked to her with an affectionate tone of voice.SUNMIWhen  asked him to tell them what he thought one of SUNMI's good points was, he answered without pause, "She takes good care of her brothers at all times."

Jung Hyung Don and Defconn pushed him to tell them a bad thing about SUNMI, but he could not give them an answer right away.

After a while, he said, "She should eat more.", ending the conversation in a warm manner.SUNMIThen, SUNMI started video-calling another brother who is two years younger than her.

Although he answered SUNMI's call, he did not sound as loving as the youngest brother, which made Jung Hyung Don and Defconn happy as that meant they could prove SUNMI wrong.

However, it turned out he was also a sweet brother who claimed SUNMI beautiful.SUNMIMeanwhile, SUNMI returned with a new mini album 'WARNING' in which she took part in composing and writing the majority of songs in it.

(Lee Narin, Credit= JTBC Idol Room, 'miyayeah' Instagram)

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