Yoon Du Jun Says He Cried After His Enlistment Was Suddenly Confirmed

Sep 6, 2018

Yoon Du Jun Says He Cried After His Enlistment Was Suddenly Confirmed
K-pop boy group Highlight's leader Yoon Du Jun opened up honest feelings regarding his abrupt enlistment.

On September 5, Highlight's management agency Around Us Entertainment shared a letter from Yoon Du Jun that he wrote to his fans on their official social media account.Yoon Du JunPreviously on August 22, Around Us Entertainment announced that Yoon Du Jun received a draft notice stating that he must enlist in the military in two days.

This sudden news not only surprised fans, but also Yoon Du Jun himself, as it was unexpected and he was busy filming a drama 'Let's Eat 3' at that time.

With no choice, Yoon Du Jun quickly wrapped up his drama and got ready to serve the national mandatory duty.Yoon Du JunYoon Du Jun started off the letter by saying, "First of all, I would like to thank you for your letters. I'm reading them all. I have noticed that many of you were worried about me, as I had no time to organize my thoughts before my enlistment."

He continued, "Yes, that is true. I actually had a tough time taking all this in, but I couldn't show that to anyone, as my sudden enlistment also affected other people. I tried my best to pull myself together, but it almost felt like the world was coming to an end. When no one was around, I would just cry and cry."Yoon Du JunHe added, "I hope you stop worrying about me now, because I've pretty much gotten used to my military life. I miss you so much. I feel so uneasy about the fact that I didn't get to say a proper good-bye to you before my enlistment. Hopefully, you will stay by my side until I and all other members of Highlight complete our national mandatory duty. Anyway, take care of yourself! Bye for now!".

Meanwhile, Yoon Du Jun is expected to be discharged in April 2020.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'ent_aroundus' Instagram, Online Community)

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