CHANYEOL Almost Gets Injured at Airport Due to Fans Not Keeping Order

Sep 6, 2018

CHANYEOL Almost Gets Injured at Airport Due to Fans Not Keeping Order
K-pop boy group EXO's member CHANYEOL asked his fans to keep order after almost getting injured at an airport.

On September 5, CHANYEOL shared a message and picture of his ripped slippers on his social media account.CHANYEOLIn the message, CHANYEOL wrote, "To all fans who come to see me at airports, I kindly ask you to behave in an orderly manner. Please know that airports are not only used by us; they are also used by many other people. Today, my slippers got ripped at an airport, but someone's toe may have gotten seriously injured instead."

He went on, "Security guards repeatedly said not to push forward, but the situation remained just as chaotic. Although it's a relief that no one got injured, I thought I should write this to prevent similar situations occurring in the future. Please maintain order in public places like airports. I always appreciate your love and support, and I'll become a person who can give that back." CHANYEOLCHANYEOL flew to Shanghai to attend a fashion show on September 4, and he landed back at Incheon International Airport in the late evening of September 5.

Meanwhile, CHANYEOL and another EXO's member SEHUN are planning to release their first collaboration track 'We Young' on September 14.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'real__pcy' Instagram, SM Entertainment)

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