8 Adorable Girl Group Members with Tiny Figures!

Sep 6, 2018

8 Adorable Girl Group Members with Tiny Figures!
Some girl group members turned their short height into a strength!

They don't seem that small when they are standing alone, but with other members around them, these eight members suddenly turn into adorable little fairies.

All the following members are under 5'2, and some fans are saying that their popularity derives from their tiny figure.

Let's see who is on the list!

ChaeyoungCHAEYOUNG is one of the youngest member of TWICE, and she is just above 5'2.

Even though TZUYU and CHAEYOUNG are the same age, people often make a mistake of considering CHAEYOUNG as the youngest one in the group because of her height.
ChaeyoungThanks to her small figure, CHAEYOUNG is monopolizing its fans' love with her cuteness!

2. Weki Meki Choi Yoo-jung
Choi Yoo-JungChoi Yoo-jung's height is known to be little over 5'2.
Choi Yoo-JungShe and Kim Do-yeon, who is the tallest in the group, are known as best friends and when they take a picture together, Choi Yoo-jung looks even more adorable because of her height.

3. AOA Min A
Min AAOA has a lot of tall members, but Min A is the exception!
Min APlus, she also has a reputation for having an extremely thin waist (19").

4. MAMAMOO Whee In
Whee InWhee In is approximately around 5'2, and she proved that she is the shortest one in the group while measuring the members' height in 'Taller Than You' music video.
Whee InAnother fun fact about her is that she always squabbles with Hwa Sa over their height.

5. Girls' Generation Sunny
SunnyAmong Girls' Generation members, Sunny is the shortest.
SunnyDuring her past guest appearance of KBS2's variety show 'Happy Together 3', she denied a rumor that she is just a little shy of 5'1 and explained that she is actually 5'2.

6. Red Velvet WENDYWENDYWENDY, who has captured the fans' heart with her sweet voice is the shortest member of the group.

She is around 5'2, but she was able to pass her title down to YERI after she joined the group.
WENDYHowever, WENDY became the shortest one in the group yet again as YERI got taller.


LUDA's long legs and arms make things hard for us to believe that she is only 5'1!
LUDAWith her adorable appearance and tiny figure, now she is known as the little one.
LUDA8. Lovelyz Babysoul
BabysoulBesides her role as a main vocalist, Babysoul is also known as the shortest member of the group.
BabysoulEven though she is the oldest in the group, her height makes her look like the youngest member of the group.

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