Ryu Hwa Young Gives Updates for the First Time After Dating Scandal

Sep 7, 2018

Ryu Hwa Young Gives Updates for the First Time After Dating Scandal
Former member of K-pop girl group T-ARA/actress Ryu Hwa Young expressed her feelings through a post.
Ryu Hwa YoungOn September 7, Ryu Hwa Young posted some photos of herself on her personal social media account.

Along with the photos, Ryu Hwa Young wrote, "I have been having so much fun playing soccer with the guys in my neighborhood and thankfully, now I feel much healthier both mentally and physically."

She added, "I'm so grateful to have my pastor who has been almost a mother figure to me and journalist Moon Woo-sang who has been writing only nice things about me, and I miss you, my makeup artist Lee Eun-ji. And lastly, thank you #StarStarShot."
Ryu Hwa YoungThis is the first time in 15 days that she shared anything with the public after her dating scandal with a TV personality LJ.

Last month, LJ caused a controversy over his alleged relationship with Ryu Hwa Young by posting a few pictures of her and the messages between them without her consent.
Ryu Hwa YoungEven though the spokesman of Ryu Hwa Young's company ImagineAsia denied the accusations immediately, LJ created even bigger confusion by keeping his previous position.

Ultimately, Ryu Hwa Young denied the rumor herself through an interview with the press, but LJ didn't back down even after she revealed her official stance.

This heated argument finally came to an end when LJ deleted all of her photos from his account.
Ryu Hwa YoungRyu Hwa Young was a member of T-ARA from 2010 to 2012, and she is concentrating on her acting career after her departure from the group.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= 'Rhy0422' Instagram, ImagineAsia)

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