Kim Seong-joo Reveals How BTS JUNGKOOK Saved His Life in the Past

Sep 7, 2018

Kim Seong-joo Reveals How BTS JUNGKOOK Saved His Life in the Past
Korean entertainer Kim Seong-joo mentioned the time when K-pop boy group BTS' member JUNGKOOK saved his life in the past.

On September 6 episode of Mnet's variety show 'Tutor', Kim Seong-joo talked about how JUNGKOOK saved him from getting seriously injured.

During the talk, Kim Seong-joo said, "I almost died once, but JUNGKOOK saved me from it."Mnet TutorKim Seong-joo took his time reminiscing over the dangerous incident for a short moment, then moved on to telling the story.

Kim Seong-joo said, "This was when I was hosting a joint concert. The next stage was BTS, and they were planned to come up on the stage using the stage lift, but the stage lift was turned off for some reason."Mnet TutorHe continued, "Not knowing that the stage lift was turned off, I stepped back towards the stage lift, which was still below the stage. As I kept walking backwards, I fell down the hole. I could have gotten seriously injured, but I luckily landed on top of JUNGKOOK."

The story ended with Kim Seong-joo saying, "That is why I thank BTS every time I see them."Mnet TutorMeanwhile, BTS has returned in three months with a new track 'IDOL' on August 24.

(Lee Narin, Credit= Mnet Tutor, SBS funE, 'bangtan.official' Facebook)

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