The 'Unnecessary' Tradition Passed Down at SM Entertainment?

Sep 7, 2018

The 'Unnecessary' Tradition Passed Down at SM Entertainment?
Recently, fans discovered that there is this unnecessary tradition that is passed down to all generations of male K-pop stars who belong to SM Entertainment, one of the major management agencies in Korea.

These K-pop stars tend to ask similar questions to fans, which are generally considered 'forbidden' in the world of K-pop.

They would ask similar questions to fans who frequently come to see them in the early morning for music show pre-recording sessions.

Let's find out what this tradition is that is making many K-pop fans laugh!


During the recording of his solo stage, he once asked, "You guys all go to work, right?"

After a brief moment, he said, "You better be careful. You might get fired."DONGWAN
2. TAEMIN from SHINee

While recording for one music show, he asked with curious eyes, "Are you not going to work today? How about school? I'm curious. I just really want to know what you guys do for living."TAEMIN3. SEHUN from EXO

After finishing recording for a music show, he asked looking genuinely worried, "I wanted to ask this to those of you who came to support us today, yesterday, and the day before. What did you do with your school or work to come to all of them?".

According to NCT DREAM's fan who attended a pre-recording session for a music show recently, JISUNG apparently asked, "I have something to ask you. What did you do with your school or work to come here?".

Before fans could even answer him, MARK stopped JISUNG right away by saying, "You shouldn't ask them questions like that!".NCT DREAM(Lee Narin, Credit= Online Community, MBC MUSIC Show Champion, 'MBig Tv' YouTube, SM Entertainment, SHINHWA COMPANY)

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