SUNMI Gets Hurt by Malicious Comments

Sep 10, 2018

SUNMI Gets Hurt by Malicious Comments
K-pop artist SUNMI expressed sadness about the malicious comments that some people have left on her social media account.

On September 8, SUNMI expressed how hurtful some malicious comments are on her social media account.

On this day, the latest episode of MBC's variety show 'Omniscient Interfering View' with SUNMI and her manager was broadcast.

In this episode, SUNMI showed off her chemistry with her manager who has been working for her for about six years.

SUNMI's manager was seen taking care of SUNMI for the whole day from waking her up in the morning to cooling a hot snack down for her.SUNMISUNMIAlthough their relationship looked somewhat like the mother-daughter relationship, some viewers scolded SUNMI for treating her manager as if she was less important than her that they started leaving malicious comments on the singer's social media account.

After reading those comments, SUNMI shared a short message on her social media saying, "I understand that everyone's interpretation on certain issues could differ depends on their perspective." 

She continued, "However, I just want you to know that TV could only contain a small portion of the entire picture. I feel devastated that my acquaintance and friends had to go through all this."SUNMIMeanwhile, SUNMI is sweeping the charts with the title track 'Siren' from her new album 'WARNING'.

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