BIGBANG Hits 10 Million Subscribers on YouTube!

Sep 10, 2018

BIGBANG Hits 10 Million Subscribers on YouTube!
Once again, K-pop boy band BIGBANG proved its power.

On September 10, BIGBANG reached 10 million subscribers on YouTube and won its first Diamond play button.BIGBANGYouTube awards play buttons to YouTubers who have reached certain number of subscribers as a token of acknowledgment.

Currently, the system is divided into four tiers in total and when creators hit 100,000, 1 million, 10 million, and 50 million, they are each rewarded with a Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Ruby play button.

For BIGBANG, this would be its third time to get a play button including the previous ones.

K-pop artist PSY, boy band BTS and girl group BLANKPINK were also recipients of the aforementioned trophy.BIGBANGBut the number of the subscribers is not the only thing that has been soaring this year.

Including 'FANTASTIC BABY' with 362,755,478 views, and 'BANG BANG BANG' with 362,755,478 views, 13 of BIGBANG's music videos have surpassed 100 million views.

Even though it has been 12 years since the group's big debut, it seems like its popularity is skyrocketing every year.BIGBANGUnfortunately though, fans will have to wait a little longer to see the whole band together since T.O.P, G-DRAGON, TAEYANG, and DAESUNG are currently serving for the country.

Meanwhile, SEUNGRI is making the most of his days before he joins the army by launching a solo album and making an appearance on variety shows, including 'YG Future Strategy Office' that is to be released on October 5.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= YG Entertainment, 'BIGBANG' YouTube)

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