VIDEO: Kim Jong-kook Takes Hong Jin Young Swimming on a Date?

Sep 10, 2018

VIDEO: Kim Jong-kook Takes Hong Jin Young Swimming on a Date?
Korean singer Kim Jong-kook was spotted at the swimming pool with singer Hong Jin Young.

On September 9 episode of SBS variety show 'My Little Old Boy', Hong Jin Young unexpectedly came to see Kim Jong-kook at the swimming pool.

In this episode, Hong Jin Young stopped by the accommodation where Kim Jong-kook was staying with his friends while she was near the area to perform at an event.

When Hong Jin Young arrived, she got changed and jumped into the pool right away.

As Hong Jin Young did not know how to swim, Kim Jong-kook kindly taught her how to swim, and they played some games together.My Little Old BoyThey looked like they were having a great time with each other, and Kim Jong-kook was being a gentleman to Hong Jin Young the entire time.

Not only that, but they also spoke to Kim Jong-kook's mother on the phone together, as if they are a real couple.My Little Old BoyNeedless to say, their endless real-couple-like moments reached the viewers, making them eager to find out whether if they really are in a relationship.

Watch the videos below and see if you also think Kim Jong-kook and Hong Jin Young really are dating each other!

(Lee Narin, Credit= SBS My Little Old Boy)

(SBS Star)