KNK Terminates Contract with Its Agency & YOUJIN Leaves the Group

Sep 10, 2018

KNK Terminates Contract with Its Agency & YOUJIN Leaves the Group
K-pop boy group KNK has terminated its contract with its current management agency and one of the members YOUJIN left the group.

On September 10, KNK's management agency YNB Entertainment officially announced, "We are so sorry to be delivering such news, but we are experiencing some difficulties running the company at the moment. KNK's contract with us has been terminated although there is some time left until it expires."KNKThe agency went on, "Also, KNK's member YOUJIN, who has received a diagnosis of panic disorder this April, has decided to leave the group after a long discussion."

They added, "The rest of the members SEUNGJUN, INSEONG, JIHUN, and HEEJUN, however, have come to an agreement to continue staying together as one group, and will be coming back to you soon."KNKCurrently, fans are devastated to hear this news, and they have been leaving comments such as "I can't believe YOUJIN is leaving KNK!", "KNK, please promise me that you will return soon. I already miss you so much!", "What a bad luck. I really hope they will find a decent agency soon.", and so on.KNKKNK debuted in March 2016 with a dance track 'KNOCK', then continued to released various tracks including 'BACK AGAIN', 'I Remember', 'Sum.Moon.Star', and more.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'knkofficial.ynb' Facebook) 

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