iKON JAY Is Mastering the Art of Lucid Dream

Sep 10, 2018

iKON JAY Is Mastering the Art of Lucid Dream
K-pop boy band iKON's member JAY has a talent for controlling his dream.
JAYOn September 4 episode of tvN's variety show 'Problematic Men', JAY showed the true meaning of 'brainy is the new sexy'.

Since he is known as the smart one in the group, the hosts wondered what kinds of things he is into these days.

To that question, Jay answered, "I'm into lucid dream these days. The more I study the subject, the more I get close to the profound things."
JAYHe continued, "Thanks to all those training hours, now I fancy myself as an intermediate lucid dreamer. It's not like they put a label on each stage or anything, but controlling one's dream takes a lot of practice. Now I can do pretty much anything I want."

Then, the host Jeon Hyun Moo asked, "When you say training, do you mean a training by a book or real training?".

"At first I thought it was a total nonsense but once I experienced it myself, I couldn't help but fall for the stuff.", Jay replied.
JAYAnother host questioned, "Is there any special dream that you are working on right now?".

Jay said, "Turning into animals. I was a pigeon a few days ago. I'm working on to become other animals."
JAYLucid dream, the topic of the hour, is a condition which the dreamer is aware of the fact that he/she is dreaming.

In such situation, the possibility of controlling one's dream can be relatively high since the dreamer knows that it is a dream.
JAYMeanwhile, JAY's group iKON successfully wrapped up its promotion of the latest track 'KILLING ME' last month.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= tvN Problematic Men)

(SBS Star)