K-pop Fans Find the Brightness of This Light Stick Unbelievable

Sep 11, 2018

K-pop Fans Find the Brightness of This Light Stick Unbelievable
If you are a hardcore K-pop fan, you will know that all K-pop groups have their own official light sticks with distinct colors and shapes.

That way, K-pop stars can easily spot their fans during joint concerts with other singers.

They can also feel a sense of pride when they see the stadium filled with their official light stick all lit up in official color during their own concerts.SHINeeRecently, K-pop fans began to discuss which light stick is the brightest out of all the light sticks, and the majority mentioned how boy group SHINee's older version of light stick cannot be left out when it came to talking about the brightness.

The new version of SHINee's light stick which came out this year does not get as bright as the older version, but the older version is surprisingly brighter than the rest of light sticks out there.SHINeeThere are pictures confirming that SHINee's older version of light stick makes 'SHINee World' (the name of SHINee's fan club) stand out so well from the rest of K-pop fans when together, and it seems as though it can even be used when there is a power outage.

You will instantly agree with those fans saying SHINee's older version of light stick is the brightest one once you check out these photos below!
SHINeeSHINeeSHINeeSHINee(Lee Narin, Credit= Online Community, SM Entertainment)

(SBS Star)