MONSTA X Expresses Gratitude to BTS for Paving the Way in the U.S.

Sep 11, 2018

MONSTA X Expresses Gratitude to BTS for Paving the Way in the U.S.
K-pop boy band MONSTA X believes that another boy band BTS acted as a catalyst for the group's promotion abroad.

On September 10 episode of MBC's 'Section TV', MONSTA X thanked BTS for making things easier for the members to build a good reputation around the globe.MONSTA XDuring the interview, MONSTA X said that the group just finished its four-month long world tour and came back to Korean fans' loving arms.

When reporter Park Sul Gi mentioned the glowing achievements which received high praise from the foreign press, the members shyly responded, "Media outlets highlighted that they have never seen a concert where the artists danced and sang for three hours without taking a break."
MONSTA XBut it turned out that concerts were not the only thing MONSTA X exceled at.

While on its world tour, MONSTA X made it on the local papers several times, and were also asked to be on TV and radio shows, including 'Good Day New York', 'Good Day LA', 'The Zach Sang Show', 'iHeartRADIO', and many more.

The members commented, "Plus, we didn't realize this, but heard it later that our songs were broadcasted on radio shows in the U.S. various times thanks to all the requests from our fans."
MONSTA XThe group also shared its thoughts on characteristics of its fans from different countries.

MONSTA X commented, "Fans from Spain are very passionate. They even sometimes throw their underwear to us during concerts, fans from Japan are adorable. Korean fans are little bit of both. They are pretty enthusiastic and lovely at the same time."MONSTA XMONSTA XLastly, when the reporter asked how they take media's comparison between BTS and MONSTA X, the members answered, "It truly is more than honor that we could be in the same sentence with BTS. We always have looked up to them and appreciated the fact that they paved the way for other K-pop artists and brought the concept of K-pop to the world."

Meanwhile, JOOHEON from MONSTA X dropped his solo mixtape 'DWTD (Do What They Do)' on September 8.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= MBC Section TV, 'bts_bighit' 'OfficialMonstaX' Twitter)

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