SUNMI Cries After Encountering a 16-year-old Version of Herself

Sep 11, 2018

SUNMI Cries After Encountering a 16-year-old Version of Herself
K-pop artist SUNMI expressed sympathy for a story that reminds her of her young self.

On September 10 episode of KBS' variety show 'Hello Counselor', SUNMI was invited as a guest on the show.
SUNMIIn this episode, a sixteen-year-old girl shared her story of how extra chores at home is taking a toll on her.

It turns out that she was taking care of the baby and doing all the house work all by herself instead of her sick mother.

Her mother commented, "I didn't see it coming because she was always smiling. But the other day, she told me that she just wants to die. I'm worried about her and I want to know if she's okay. "
SUNMISUNMI responded while expressing her sympathy for the girl, "It's like looking in a mirror. I had to be the breadwinner of the household when I was 16 because my father was really ill. And I had two brothers. I had to take care of my brothers while juggling training and nursing my father back to health."
SUNMIWith tears in her eyes, she added, "That shouldn't be the kind of problem that a sixteen-year old should have."

Then the sixteen-year-old girl said, "I do my best not to show it because I know that my mother already has a lot on her plate but sometimes I just feel like I'm going to burst into tears. I took a test at school recently, and they said that I might have depression."

SUNMI related to her story on a personal level and gave advice, trying to comfort her with all her heart.

At the end of the session SUNMI told the girl with a worried look on her face that she should live her own dreams not her mother's.
SUNMISUNMI actually shared her story of how hard it was for her to be the breadwinner of the household at a young age on TV show in the past.

Even though it was not an easy topic to discuss, that did not stop SUNMI from comforting other people who could relate to her experience.

Meanwhile, SUNMI ranked top of various music charts with the title track 'Siren' from her new album 'WARNING' released on September 4.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= KBS Hello Counselor)

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