BTS Makes Fans Laugh by Uploading Hilarious Posts on RM's Birthday

Sep 12, 2018

BTS Makes Fans Laugh by Uploading Hilarious Posts on RM's Birthday
K-pop boy group BTS is making fans laugh by sharing funny posts online in celebration of the leader RM's birthday.

On September 12, RM welcomed his 24th birthday and his fellow members flooded the group's official social media account with hilarious pictures and videos soon after the clock had turned 12AM in Korea.BTSJIMIN especially shared more pictures and videos than any other members, and seemed to be enjoying celebrating RM's birthday than anybody else.

JIMIN first posted unreleased pictures of himself taken with RM, displaying their years long friendship.

Moreover, he uploaded a picture of himself, RM, and JUNGKOOK enjoying a meal with a few drinks in a Korean barbecue restaurant.BTSBTSIn one of the videos that JIMIN shared, JIMIN begins filming RM very closely who is trying to change his clothes.

RM just awkwardly laughs when he notices JIMIN filming at first, then suddenly rolls his eyes.

JIMIN, who manages to capture this extremely amusing moment says, "You think that I won't share this online, right?", and laughs out loud.
A couple of minutes later, JIN uploaded a picture of RM sleeping only with a tank top on with the caption that says, "Nam Joon (RM's real name) bro, happy birthday bro, sleep well bro! From JIN hyung."BTSAbout an hour later, SUGA sent a message to RM, "Since you were born in Korea, I am going to wish you a happy birthday based on the time in Korea. #ThisIsSUGA #RMHAPPYBDAY
#ItIsNotHisBirthdayHereYet #ItIs10:40intheMorning"
These playful yet affectionate posts are making fans tear up from laughing too much and put on a smile in happiness at the same time.

Currently, BTS is in California for its world tour and scheduled stay in the U.S. for upcoming concerts until the beginning of October.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'BTS_twt' Twitter)

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