Park Hae Jin Successfully Wraps up His Fan Meeting

Sep 12, 2018

Park Hae Jin Successfully Wraps up His Fan Meeting
Actor Park Hae Jin held the most remarkable fan meeting of all time.
Park Hae JinOn September 8, Park Hae Jin greeted his fans at Ewha Womans University's Samsung Hall, Seoul.

All the tickets for his fan meeting 'THE JIN's TALK SHOW' were sold out thanks to Korean fans and the fans who flew in from Japan, China and Southeast Asia.

Park Hae Jin's meet and greet went on for three hours and everyone there could feel the perfect harmony between him and his fans.
Park Hae JinThe event was hosted by MC Ding Dong, and was divided into two sessions.

During the first half of the show, Park Hae Jin caught up with his fans, did the Q&A session, and told a story of his life with a life graph.

Then in the second session, the cast from the upcoming drama 'Four Men'―Kwak Si Yang, Koo JaSung, and the guest Kim Won Hyo took things to the next level by playing fun games with the fans.
Park Hae JinWhile Park Hae Jin was sharing what's going on with his life, he displayed a huge affection towards the characters of 'Four Men' which he has to play the role of men with four personas ('Il-hoon', 'Chen', 'Dong-jin' and 'Michael').

He commented, "Il-hoon is very attractive and Dong-jin is the most challenging one."

After he was done explaining his characters, he made the crowd scream by letting them take a sneak peek of each character with his facial expressions.
Park Hae JinTo reciprocate his love, fans prepared a surprise event at the end of the fan meeting.

After his agency set the mood with a video, the fans sang a song to him and threw paper airplanes that are made of their letters to the stage.

Park Hae Jin picked up every single paper airplane, read it, and took it home with him.

Meanwhile, Park Hae Jin will be concentrating on the shooting of 'Four Men' until the end of October.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= Mountain Movement)

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