Koo Ha Ra's Assault Allegations Against Her Boyfriend

Sep 13, 2018

Koo Ha Ra's Assault Allegations Against Her Boyfriend
Former member of K-pop girl group KARA/actress Koo Ha Ra is under suspicion of assaulting her boyfriend.

According to Gangnam Police Station on September 13, a report was received about Koo Ha Ra physically assaulting her boyfriend at around 12:30 AM KST.
Koo Ha RaKoo Ha Ra reportedly responded violently after her boyfriend, who is a hair designer, broke up with her.

The police commented, "Only the report has been received at the moment, and we will schedule with the individuals for the further investigation."
Koo Ha RaIn response, Koo Ha Ra's agency Content Y stated, "We will release an official statement regarding the issue after checking on the details."
Koo Ha RaLast week, Koo Ha Ra was involved in another malicious rumor claiming that she had attempted suicide, which turned out to be a simple visit to a hospital due to her health issues.

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