Zo In Sung Wants Park Bo Young to Lead His Movie If He Makes One

Sep 13, 2018

Zo In Sung Wants Park Bo Young to Lead His Movie If He Makes One
Korean actor Zo In Sung said he wants to cast actress Park Bo Young as the female lead if he ever makes a movie.

On September 11, Zo In Sung held a live broadcast session to discuss various topics from his upcoming film 'THE GREAT BATTLE' to his friendship with K-pop boy group EXO's member D.O.

During the talk, Zo In Sung also talked about which actors/actresses he would want the main characters to be played by if he ever made a movie himself.Zo In SungTo this question, he answered without hesitation, "I would definitely cast Park Bo Young as the female lead. We are close friends, but have never worked on a project together before."

He playfully sent a video message to Park Bo Young, "Bo Young, I've bought you a lot of drinks until now, haven't I? Join my movie with no pay, okay? My movie's going to be great. Trust me."Zo In SungRegarding the male lead, the actor said with a laugh, "Let's see. I don't think Lee Kwang Soo is the one. I probably would want D.O or Kim Woo Bin to lead the movie. Or I should play the male leading character. Yeah, I'll lead the movie with Park Bo Young."Zo In SungAfter hearing his thoughts, fans have been expressing their hope for Zo In Sung to really go out of his way to make his own movie soon.

Meanwhile, Zo In Sung's new movie 'THE GREAT BATTLE' is set to premiere on September 19.

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