Kim Young-kwang Already Moves On to Another Woman from Park Bo Young?

Sep 13, 2018

Kim Young-kwang Already Moves On to Another Woman from Park Bo Young?
It seems like Korean actor Kim Young-kwang has already moved on to another woman from actress Park Bo Young.

On September 13, some photos showing a romantic moment of Kim Young-kwang and actress Kim Hee-seon were revealed online.Kim Young-kwang and Kim Hee-seonIn the photos, they look at each other with loving eyes under the umbrella on a rainy day.

It turned out these photos were taken while Kim Young-kwang and Kim Hee-seon were filming their upcoming drama 'Room No. 9'.

The two stars reportedly will be portraying themselves as a couple in this drama. Kim Young-kwang and Kim Hee-seonAs Kim Young-kwang only recently showed his amazing chemistry with Park Bo Young in a romance movie 'On Your Wedding Day', some fans seem to be having a difficult time taking all this in already.

They are saying, "I still can't imagine Kim Young-kwang with anyone else either than Park Bo Young.", "I'm so not ready to see Kim Young-kwang with another woman!", "Young-kwang oppa, I thought Bo Young unnie was your first and last person to love! What is going on?", and so on.Kim Young-kwang and Park Bo YoungOf course, there are other fans who are highly supportive of his new project involving romance with Kim Hee-seon.

Their comments include, "Kim Young-kwang just makes the perfect couple with any girls, doesn't he? He looks so great with Kim Hee-seon as well!", "Look at the way he gently holds the umbrella for her! How sweet!", "I think I'm leaning more towards this couple. They already seem to be hitting off so well.", and more. Kim Young-kwang and Kim Hee-seonMeanwhile, 'Room No. 9' featuring Kim Young-kwang and Kim Hee-seon is scheduled to begin broadcasting its episodes on September 29.

(Lee Narin, Credit= tvN Room No. 9, MEGABOX Plus M, 'tvn_joy' Instagram) 

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