U-IE Wants to Define Her Friendship With Jung Hae In

Sep 14, 2018

U-IE Wants to Define Her Friendship With Jung Hae In
Actress U-IE revealed the secret behind her relationship with actor Jung Hae In.
U-IEOn September 13 episode of KBS2's variety show 'Happy Together 3', U-IE confessed that she is on a first-name basis with Jung Hae In.

According to U-IE, she became friends with Jung Hae In while filming the MBC drama 'Night Light' together in 2016.

Jung Hae In played the role of 'Park Moo-il' who had a crush on U-IE's character, and getting comfortable with each other was only a matter of time since they were the same age.
U-IEShe added, "Now that I think about it, everyone on the filming site loved him."

U-IE continued, "Plus, making sure everyone on the set feel welcomed and included was kind of my thing."

It turns out that U-IE is quite outgoing and friendly that she could be friends with anyone pretty quick.

She even tagged along to co-star Lee Yo-won's family trip abroad when Lee has a reputation for being shy and takes relatively longer time to get to know each other.
U-IEHowever, it looks like even her bubbly personality couldn't help her to keep her friendship with Jung Hae In alive.

She said, "Back in 2016, I exchanged numbers with Jung Hae In and told him not to forget our friendship even if he become a huge success."
U-IEU-IE continued with a sad look on her face, " Unfortunately, now there's no way to find out if we are still on good terms since I am too afraid to check if he changed his numbers."

Meanwhile, U-IE will star in KBS2's upcoming drama 'My Only One'.

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