BTS' Agency Breaks Silence on Controversial Collaboration with a Japanese Producer

Sep 17, 2018

BTS' Agency Breaks Silence on Controversial Collaboration with a Japanese Producer
Big Hit Entertainment, the agency that houses K-pop septet BTS, has ultimately made a decision regarding BTS' controversial collaboration.

On September 16, Big Hit Entertainment announced its decision to change the track list of BTS' upcoming Japanese album that is expected to be released in November.
BTSIt was initially reported on September 13 that BTS' upcoming album will include a track called 'Bird' with lyrics written by Japanese music producer Akimoto Yasushi.

Akimoto Yasushi is known to be a leading music producer in J-pop scene, with the establishment of unprecedented nationwide girl group debut system AKB48.
BTSHowever, many BTS fans took issue with the collaboration, as Akimoto Yasushi has been embroiled in a number of controversies with his right-wing political leanings as well as his misogynistic lyrics for the past AKB48 releases.

BTS' fan bases urged Big Hit Entertainment to give feedback and to cancel the collaboration, as working with the controversial producer could hurt the group's public image.
Big Hit EntertainmentFollowing the fans' objection against the collaboration, Big Hit Entertainment posted a revised version of track list on BTS' official fan community.

The agency stated, "The tracks included on the Japanese single album that is set to be released in November have changed as shown below due to production issues. We apologize for the discomfort."

The new track list includes Japanese versions of 'FAKE LOVE' and 'Airplane pt.2' as previously announced, but instead of 'Bird', it will include the remixes of 'IDOL' and 'FAKE LOVE'.

Meanwhile, BTS is currently visiting the U.S. for its world tour 'LOVE YOURSELF'.

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