IU Successfully Wraps up Her Fan Meeting Celebrating Her 10th Anniversary!

Sep 17, 2018

IU Successfully Wraps up Her Fan Meeting Celebrating Her 10th Anniversary!
K-pop artist IU celebrated her 10-year debut anniversary with her fan club, Uaena.

On September 15, IU held a fan meeting 'IU+' to mark this special occasion at Universal Arts Center, Seoul.

As the event was to celebrate her 10 years in the music industry, the fan meeting was held in a bigger space to accommodate more fans.
IUTo celebrate her big day, IU divided her fan meeting into two parts.

She dedicated the first part to the teen fans and for the other half, she moved her focus onto the fans over 20.

For the first two hours of the show, IU spent time with her teen fans who were specially invited to the fan meeting since both their age and the number of years she spent in the industry has something to do with the number 10.
IUShe tried her best to communicate with younger fans more candidly and friendly by preparing a session called 'It Girl IU' and 'IU Marble'.

IU also sang 'A Dreamer', 'Someday', and 'Teacher' as a message to the teen fans and thanked them for their love and support.
IUIn part two, singer-songwriter UL showed up as a surprise guest and hosted the second half of the show.

During the second session, adult fans delivered a speech to honor IU's 10th anniversary and IU reciprocated their love with a declaration that shows her will and determination for the next 10 years.

Also, IU handed out her care package 'IU+ kit' for the fans which was made of a custom-made couple ring, an ASMR video, socks and photo cards.

The fans were incredibly moved by her sweet gesture and unforgettable gifts.
IUWhile wrapping up the show, IU commented, "For the first half of the show, I tried to focus on hearing your opinion, but for the second half, I think I did all the talking and even shared some stuff that I have always wanted to share."

She added, "At first, a decade felt like forever but now I think it might not be a big deal. I think I could be tougher than I used to be."

IU continued, "I truly am grateful for my fans who always took care of me and made me feel welcomed. I hope we could spend more times with each other and make even better memories together."

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