BTS JUNGKOOK Surprises Fans with His Amazing Art Skills

Sep 17, 2018

BTS JUNGKOOK Surprises Fans with His Amazing Art Skills
Fans are impressed with BTS JUNGKOOK's art skills.

On September 15, boy group BTS members JUNGKOOK and JIMIN posted images on the group's social media account which showed JUNGKOOK's amazing art skills.JUNGKOOKFirst, JIMIN posted two images―one of a picture of himself and the other of a drawing of the picture by JUNGKOOK.

In the picture, JIMIN lies on the floor while pointing the writing above him that says, "BTS".

Thanks to JIMIN, who informed fans that the drawing was by JUNGKOOK in the caption, they were able to discover another JUNGKOOK's talent besides singing and dancing.

To fans' surprise, JUNGKOOK had presented a dynamic image despite it being simple black and white.BTSFollowing this, JUNGKOOK also shared two images.

One was a self-portrait of himself wearing a pair of stylish sunglasses, and the other one was of a drawing of the picture.

This image was also drawn in black and white which successfully shows JUNGKOOK's delicate touch that brushed against the art piece.BTSMeanwhile, BTS is scheduled to hold its concert tour 'LOVE YOURSELF' in the U.S. until the beginning of October.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'BTS_twt' Twitter)

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