VIXX Supports Its Leader N & Han Ji Min with a Snack Truck!

Sep 17, 2018

VIXX Supports Its Leader N & Han Ji Min with a Snack Truck!
The members of K-pop boy group VIXX showed support to their leader N and actress Han Ji Min by sending a snack truck to their drama filming site.

On September 15, N posted pictures of himself with Han Ji Min standing in front of a snack truck on his social media account.N and Han Ji MinIn the pictures, the two stars pose in front of a snack truck with a banner written above them which says, "Ji Min noona you are the best. We support you. We love you. From. VIXX."

On the screen at the back where there is a picture of all members of VIXX, it is written with a playful message that says, "Thank you for loving N, even though he can be annoying."N and Han Ji MinIn response to this message, N wrote in the caption, "20180915: a record of the day. What do you mean I'm annoying."

In one of the pictures, you can see N's sulky facial expression which perfectly responds to VIXX's joking message.N and Han Ji MinMeanwhile, N plays the role of a narcissistic new bank employee 'Kim Hwan' on 'Family Wife', which is a drama that currently airs every Wednesday and Thursday.
(Lee Narin, Credit= 'achahakyeon' Instagram) 

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