Zo In Sung Gets Shocked After Hearing His Rank on the Most Handsome Actors List

Sep 17, 2018

Zo In Sung Gets Shocked After Hearing His Rank on the Most Handsome Actors List
Korean actor Zo In Sung became shocked after hearing that he ranked eighth on the list of most good-looking Korean actors.

On September 14 episode of KBS 'Entertainment Weekly', four cast members of an upcoming movie 'THE GREAT BATTLE' joined an interview.Zo In SungDuring the interview, the interviewer said, "Our viewers recently voted on the top 100 good-looking Korean actors. Where do you reckon you have ranked, In Sung? What I can tell you is that you have made it into the top 10."

With a serious look on his face, Zo In Sung replied, "Well, I'm guessing Jung Woo Sung has ranked higher than me. So, I must have ranked second or third."Zo In SungAs soon as Zo In Sung gave his honest answer, the interviewer revealed that he had actually ranked eighth.

Upon hearing the interviewer, three other actors lowered their heads in embarrassment while Zo In Sung tried to remain as calm as possible.Zo In SungZo In SungZo In Sung responded, "I think I was too arrogant for a second there. Woo Sung hyung always said to me how being good-looking is the best asset one could have. I'll work harder to follow his path."

Then, he told his manager, "Make an appointment with a dermatologist today."Zo In SungActor Bae Seong Woo commented, "I think he is very shocked to hear his rank."

Zo In Sung answered, "To be frank, I don't think I can continue with this interview anymore."Zo In SungMeanwhile, Zo In Sung's new movie 'THE GREAT BATTLE' hits theaters on September 19.

(Lee Narin, Credit= KBS Entertainment Weekly)

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