Hyunbin Says He Is Too Busy to Date Anyone

Sep 17, 2018

Hyunbin Says He Is Too Busy to Date Anyone
Actor Hyunbin shared his take on dating.

On September 17, Hyunbin sat down for the press interview to talk about his upcoming movie 'THE NEGOTIATION'.

During the interview, Hyunbin said, "I can't see anyone at the moment because I'm swamped right now. Plus, I'm not into dating these days."
HyunbinIncluding 'THE NEGOTIATION', he has two more opportunities to meet the public this year―the movie 'Rampant' and tvN's drama 'Memories of Alhambra'.

Hyunbin has been working constantly except for the two-month break he had back in February right after the shooting of 'Rampant'.
HyunbinHe is currently filming 'Memories of Alhambra' while doing his best to participate in the promotion activities of 'THE NEGOTIATION' at the same time.

Sadly, he cannot afford to take any breaks even after 'THE NEGOTIATION' promotions, since he must focus on promoting his next movie 'Rampant' shortly after.
HyunbinHyunbin said, "It is pretty hectic around here but it's okay. 'Memories of Alhambra' is going to be different because we film all the scenes beforehand."

He added, "I want to do a romance movie or a drama that could represent our age. But I haven't met the perfect one yet."
HyunbinMeanwhile, Hyunbin will play the antagonist in 'THE NEGOTIATION' for the first time in his acting career.

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