'Maze Runner' Dylan O'Brien & 'Interstellar' Matthew McConaughey at BTS Concert!

Sep 18, 2018

'Maze Runner' Dylan O'Brien & 'Interstellar' Matthew McConaughey at BTS Concert!
Currently, K-pop boy group BTS is in the U.S., holding its world tour 'LOVE YOURSELF', and it recently wrapped up concerts in three cities―Los Angeles, Oakland, and Fort Worth.

At these concerts, fans spotted some Hollywood actors including Dylan O'Brien, Max Minghella, and Matthew McConaughey.

One BTS fan who attended the concert in LA on September 5 uploaded a short video on her social media account with the caption, "It is me or he looks like Dylan O'Brien at BTS concert in LA?"
When you watch the video, you will not be able to help but notice the beautiful wave of ARMY bomb (the name of BTS' official light stick), but then the person at the bottom of the video will suddenly steal your attention, and that is Dylan O'Brien.

In the video, Dylan O'Brien is seen enjoying the concert wearing a mask and cute headband.Dylan O'BrienThen, another fan noticed that there is one other Hollywood actor sitting right beside him.

It turned out Dylan O'Brien's good friend Max Minghella was there with him.Max MinghellaPreviously in one recent interview, Max Minghella revealed that Dylan O'Brien introduced him to BTS.

He talked about how obsessed he is with BTS by saying, "I'm deeply obsessed. It has been my main focus. It was detrimental to the editorial of this film, to be honest. I was very distracted."

At the concert in Fort Worth, Matthew McConaughey was spotted.
A lot of fans had spotted him at the concert, and they said that Matthew McConaughey came to the concert with his family.

Matthew McConaughey was even seen taking BTS' official merchandise home.Matthew McConaugheyThis seems to pretty much confirm BTS' soaring popularity in the U.S.

Meanwhile, BTS is scheduled to hold 'LOVE YOURSELF' in the U.S. until the beginning of October.

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