SHINee MINHO's Fatherly Moments with Lee Si-ahn Make Fans Go "Awww"

Sep 18, 2018

SHINee MINHO's Fatherly Moments with Lee Si-ahn Make Fans Go "Awww"
Fans are loving the fatherly moments of K-pop boy group SHINee's member MINHO and Lee Si-ahn (Daebak), the son of Korean professional soccer player Lee Dong-gook.

Recently, MINHO left Korea with Lee Si-ahn to film KBS' reality-variety show 'The Return of Superman' in China.MINHO and Lee Si-ahnNo details have been revealed yet, but it is assumed that MINHO went to China with Lee Si-ahn instead of his father Lee Dong-gook.

From the moment when MINHO got out of the car at the airport in Korea, he did not let go of Lee Si-ahn's hand.MINHO and Lee Si-ahnMINHO took great care of Lee Si-ahn, perfectly filling in the emptiness and anxiety Lee Si-ahn may feel due to Lee Dong-gook's absence. 

Fans spotted MINHO continuously looking at Lee Si-ahn with eyes full of love, and holding him up tightly in his arms while he was deeply asleep.MINHO and Lee Si-ahnAfter seeing these pictures that spread throughout online communities, fans have been leaving comments praising his sweetness.

The comments included, "MINHO is so gentle and sweet with him. He seems almost like his father!", "I think MINHO will make a good father!", "How could anyone possibly not stan this amazing guy?", and so on.

Meanwhile, MINHO's group SHINee released a new album 'The Story of Light: Epilogue' on September 10.

(Lee Narin, Credit= Online Community)

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