Ji Sung Reveals the Sweetest Nickname of His Second Child

Sep 18, 2018

Ji Sung Reveals the Sweetest Nickname of His Second Child
Korean actor Ji Sung revealed the sweetest nickname he has named his second child.

On September 18, Ji Sung and director Park Hee Kon made a guest appearance on SBS POWER FM's radio show 'Park Sun-young's Cinetown'.Ji SungAs it was recently announced that Ji Sung and his wife actress Lee Bo Young were expecting their second child, Ji Sung answered some questions regarding his family.

Ji Sung said, "Now is when I want to spend lots of time with my family. Unfortunately, I haven't had much time to do so due to my filming schedule. My drama is almost over now, though."Ji SungHe went on, "When I get home, I first child is always asleep. I feel so bad about not spending much time with her these days that I give her a hug, and whisper how much I love her to her ears just for the sake of it."Ji SungHe continued demonstrating love for his wife and children, "Before my daughter was born, her nickname was 'Bo-bae', which is a word that combining my wife's name 'Lee Bo Young' and 'baby'. Our second child has a nickname as well, and it is 'Bo-ah' which comes from 'Lee Bo Young' and 'Ahgi' (baby in Korean)."Lee Bo YoungMeanwhile, Ji Sung's current drama 'Familiar Wife' is expected to air its last episode on September 20.

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