IU Gifts Fans by Making Donation Under the Name of Her Fan Club 'UAENA'

Sep 18, 2018

IU Gifts Fans by Making Donation Under the Name of Her Fan Club 'UAENA'
K-pop artist IU has once again shown her benevolent nature by making large donation in celebration of her 10th debut anniversary.

On September 18, ChildFund Korea―one of the most influential international non-governmental organizations in Korea working for the welfare of children announced, "IU donated 100 million won (approximately 89,000 dollars) under the name of IU and UAENA to help children in need."
They added, "We will be financially supporting children in low income families with living expenses and college tuitions."IURegarding this donation, IU's management agency commented, "A lot of fans have made donations to various organizations under IU's name in the past. In order to pay back the kindness to UAENA, IU decided to make donation under UAENA's name as well. She's just glad to be part of this good opportunity."IUAccording to ChildFund Korea, this will mark IU's fourth donation.

For Children's Day in 2015 and this year, IU donated 100 million won each.

Also in the beginning of the year, IU donated 20 million won (approximately 18,000 dollars) to fund university tuition and boarding fees for students struggling to pay them.

So far, IU has made 320 million won (approximately 284,000 dollars) donation to ChildFund Korea.IU ConcertMeanwhile, IU is planned to go on a large-scale concert tour 'dlwlrma.' to meet her fans across Asia.

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