iKON Unveils the Name of Its Comeback Title Track!

Sep 18, 2018

iKON Unveils the Name of Its Comeback Title Track!
K-pop boy group iKON revealed the first clue of its upcoming mini album.

On September 18, iKON's management agency YG Entertainment dropped a teaser poster of iKON's next title track 'GOODBYE ROAD' of its new mini album 'NEW KIDS: THE FINAL'.
iKONiKON reportedly filmed the music video of 'GOODBYE ROAD' at the end of 2017, but couldn't share it with the public since the agency chose 'LOVE SCENARIO' over 'GOODBYE ROAD' for the title track of its second full album 'Return'.
iKONYang Hyun Suk commented that he had a hard time choosing between 'GOODBYE ROAD' and 'LOVE SCENARIO' but was able to reach a decision in January.

He added that then he had to wait almost a year because he thought the track 'GOODBYE ROAD' would be a perfect fit for fall.

Also, to take its music video to the next level, iKON even re-filmed the music video recently with a modified version of the choreography.
iKONYang Hyun Suk commented, "This track was my personal favorite. The lyrics describe the emotional side of a breakup and the melody is just amazing. Even though this is a slow song, the choreography is also going to be epic."

For 'GOODBYE ROAD', iKON's B.I and BOBBY wrote the lyrics and B.I co-composed the track with the producing team FUTURE BOUNCE and Bekuh BOOM.
iKONThe expectation towards iKON's next track is skyrocketing since the group ranked #1 on Korean music chart for 43 consecutive days with the track 'LOVE SCENARIO', and marked #1 on iTunes charts in 24 countries with the song 'KILLING ME'.

Meanwhile, iKON's upcoming mini album 'NEW KIDS: THE FINAL' will be released on October 1.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= 'withikonic' Instagram, YG Entertainment)

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